Guiding Principles

Our core values are the compass we follow to ensure we are all heading in the same direction to effectively create brighter futures.

Building Strong Communities

 How do we cultivate a strong sense of community?  

We Are...

Inclusive, friendly, welcoming, empathetic, transparent, compassionate, collaborative, adaptable, willing to grow, hard-working, mindful, respectful, positive, joy-filled, authentic, self-caring, gracious

To Accomplish this, I Will...

  • Be kind and treat everyone with respect

  • Use mindfulness to be present, practice humility, and choose grace

  • Jump in to help where needed while also know when to practice healthy boundaries

  • Aim to be flexible and adapt to changing, dynamic circumstances

  • Remain authentic and find ways I can seek joy so I can be a positive, stable, caring, emotional presence

  • Collaborate with the people around me to make achievable goals that can be sustained


 How do we successfully realize our vision?  


We Are...

Justice-oriented, creative, ensuring sustainability and accountability, productive and effective with time and energy, asking questions, trying new things, paying attention to detail, investing in professional development opportunities, developing a stronger sense of emotional intelligence, striving to motivate through servant leadership

To Accomplish This, I Will...

  • First seek to understand how and why processes are in place and then I can find areas for sustainable improvement

  • Aim to use my time productively, investing in relationships with community members and completing my tasks

  • Strive to grow in my expertise so that I may contribute with up-to-date knowledge and skills in my field

  • Role model servant leadership through transparent communication, helping where needed, paying attention, practicing humility & resilience, and boldly trying new things to improve CAN's operations

We used a version of BrenÉ Brown's Dare to Lead Methods to develop our organizational values: