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Two teens have arms around each other, laughing at the camera



The goal of CAN's educational programs is to support the children CAN partners with so they will achieve their highest academic potential and become self-supporting, well-adjusted adults.

"The CAN program has helped my child for three years and she has enjoyed every minute of it and she shines more than ever while working with the friendly people at the program...Thank you all so much for your hard work and for reaching out to us."


CAN Educational Programs

Tutor leans over student while they work on a problem together
Camper shows off she can use many hula hoops at once
Elementary girls show off their lime green rollers as they paint the wall
Teens stand around a university statue on their visit
Brick_Holiday Party 2022_Hugs from Brant

Meeting Basic & Foundational Needs

How do we support children in our educational programs? We aim to meet our students' basic needs, and, what we have coined as, their foundational needs, both of which we believe are equally important for empowering children and youth to thrive.

Basic Needs

Foundational Needs

The minimum resources necessary
for long-term physical well-being
in CAN's Educational Programs.

The minimum resources necessary for long-term social-emotional well-being & academic growth in CAN's Educational Programs.

  • Comfortable/clean space

  • Access to basic sanitation (e.g. ability to use the bathroom and wash hands with warm soap & water)

  • Physical safety/access to emergency medical care

  • Access to nutritious food and clean water

  • Access to rest (e.g. a space to disconnect from overstimulation)

  • Sensory/safe physical touch, if desired (e.g. some people feel cared for with
    hugs, high fives, etc.)

  • Access to a caring adult who models compassion and respect

  • Joy & laughter

  • Freeplay

  • Access to academic materials/Internet/enriching experiences

  • Art/creative expression

  • Emotional support/safety

  • Peer support and social life with peers who are compassionate and respectful

  • Support/ability to make achievable goals

  • Consistency from adults

These basic and foundational needs are always interwoven throughout CAN's Educational Programs and in relationship-building & resource support occurring outside of CAN's Educational Programs. Every interaction with our families is an opportunity to provide physical and social-emotional support.

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