CAN Staff

Executive Director

Deputy Director

Laura Amtower (she/her)

Director of Education

Danielle Dicks (she/her)

Director of Creekside Court & YouthWorks

Harrison Metzler (he/him)

Director of Green Baxter Court

Fayiza Nabilsi (she/her)

Assistant Director of Bryant

Kait Spielmaker (she/her)

CAN Works Digital Marketing & Communications

Shelby Banks (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Libby Gramlich (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Victoria Stewart (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Montana Crowell (she/her)

Grants Specialist

Jazmine Harrison (she/her), LLBSW

Director of Arrowwood Hills

Frankie Moore (she/her)

Director of Development

Kayla Samuels (she/her), LLMSW

Director of Brick

Tyla Tolbert (she/her)

Bryant After School Program Director

Ashley Bond (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Emanuel Holder (he/him)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Paige Swanson (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Colette DeRaud (she/they)

Director of Hikone

Katie Lampen (she/her)

Director of Operations

Valerie Muthuswami (she/her)

Director of Volunteers

Sky Woodman (he/him)

Director of Bryant

Alina Holmstrom (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA Leader

Jamie Conner (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Madison Kase (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Kevin Tran (he/him)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Sherrie Greenleaf, Bookkeeper - David Greene, Accountant