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CAN Staff

Michael Blackwell (he/him)

Director of Bryant Educational Programs

Montana Crowell (she/her)

Grants and Development Specialist

Klay Krogol (he/him)

Director of Green Baxter Court Community Center

Valerie Muthuswami (she/her)

Director of Human Resources

Vanina Quinn (she/her)

Volunteer Coordinator

Katie Lampen (she/her)

Database Manager

Meredith Gillies (she/they)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Dhara Patel (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Anna Stansfield (she/they)

AmeriCorps VISTA

LaTanya Burrell (she/her)

Director of Arrowwood Hills Community Center

Libby Gramlich (she/her)

Director of Brick Community Center

Torey Madura (she/her)

Director of Hikone Community Center

Fayiza Nabilsi (she/her)

Director of Bryant Market & Facilities

Kayla Samuels (she/her), LMSW

Director of Behavioral Health

Anabel Sicko (she/they)

AmeriCorps VISTA Leader

Devyn Kadlec (they/them)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Adam Ruff (he/him)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Katy Suh (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Keegan Carriveau (she/her)

Director of CAN Art & Design

Colette Johnson (she/they)

Director of Community Wellness & Engagement

Harrison Metzler (he/him)

Director of Teen Programs and Staff Development

Bobby Portis II (he/him)

Director of Creekside Community Center

Krystal Steward (she/her)

Director of Community Outreach

Jasmine Chaparro (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Aaron Mariasy (he/him)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Esha Ramey (she/her)

AmeriCorps VISTA

Sherrie Greenleaf, Bookkeeper - David Greene, Accountant

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