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Washtenaw County is ranked 81 of 83 Michigan counties in amount of income inequality


households in Washtenaw County are below the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) earnings threshold

While families of all races and ethnicities are affected by poverty, some groups still face economic and legal barriers that limit their earnings and make them more likely to live below the ALICE threshold.

Learn more about the Racial Wealth Gap: "Explained: Racial Wealth Gap" Full Episode (16 mins)

Chart of Households by Race showing there are more Black families in poverty in Washtenaw County than any other race

Food Insecurity In Washtenaw County

FI Rate.png

In 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, 39, 080 people in Washtenaw County were food insecure (10.7% of the population).

With increase unemployment and rising poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 53,670 people are now food insecure (14.6% of the population).

1. Select the Local Jurisdiction in the right-hand corner

2. Spot the affordable housing available in each ward

This tool demonstrates how challenging it is for families to find affordable housing in Washtenaw County.

Graph of 5-Year High School Graduation Rates. ED students have rates in the 70 percentile while non-ed students have rates in the 90th percentile

This graph from the WACY 2020 Report Card highlights the need to support students who are Economically Disadvanged (ED); as we can see that while rates have improved since 2015-16, there is still much to be done to bring them up to the same level as their Non-ED peers.

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