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CAN Educational Summer Camp Purpose Statements: 

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  • Combat summer learning loss

  • Teach campers how to self-regulate their bodies and emotions

  • Assist campers with developing their critical thinking skills

  • Give the time and attention for campers to report how safe and supported they feel

  • Encourage activity completion and comprehension

  • Help campers learn to enjoy reading

  • Provide an environment that supports the building of meaningful relationships

  • Support the development of self-advocacy and tools for self-agency

Boy shows off note found during treasure hunt

Campers spend mornings participating in a variety of academic activities related to math, science, geography, language arts, etc. 

Daily Discoveries

Kids jump into the pool together

There are countless opportunities for students to participate in a huge range of additional activities, such as academic board games, going to the pool, free play, field trips, and organized sports & games


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CAN's #1 goal in literacy is to help campers develop a love for reading. When young people see themselves & others expressed in story, they are more likely to be self-motivated to keep reading and practice writing to share their own stories. 


Families share a meal at a table together

At most CAN locations, students eat a delicious and nutritious lunch & dinner. At all locations, campers are offered healthy snacks throughout the day.


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Interwoven throughout every program is a culture of role modeling mindfulness, resilience, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Campers are given the language and tools they need to navigate the social world and better name and manage their emotions.

Social-Emotional Development

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CAN staff invite educators to join in the summer festivities, like CAN's Back-to-School BBQs, share with teachers all of the cool things CAN campers did over the summer, and prepares students for the school year by working to prevent summer learning loss and assisting families with getting the school supplies they need at the start of the school year.

School-Family Liaison

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This program provides
student-centered, transdisciplinary projects during CAN Summer Programs in which campers develop academic & life skills they will use within and outside of CAN's programs.

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Did CAN's Summer Programs Change in Light of the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Yes- in the Summer of 2020, CAN operated its Educational Summer Camps using virtual check-ins, live streamed group projects, self-guided activities, and socially distant outdoor games. Campers received supplies they needed while picking up meals at CAN's community centers. In the twice daily virtual check-ins, campers did mindfulness exercises, socialized with peers and safe adults, and built community within these new digital spaces.


CAN partnered with Ann Arbor Public Schools and Lincoln Consolidated Schools to make sure every student had access to a device with Internet. We worked with families to get them set up with the digital tools they needed and used the summer to practice using these tools/develop digital literacy skills so the students and their families were practiced in this new normal to fully participate during the school year, which will start out fully virtual.

Learn more about CAN's response to COVID-19.

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Teiara smiles at kids while meeting with them virtually
Teens video chat with mentors
Summer camp team sign, the orange owls
Girl holds CAN summer reading calendar
Mentors hold up lesson plans they're using
Student's drawing of girl on book floating in the sky
Boy with mask reads a book
Girl wearing camp shirt holds up Black Lives Matter drawing
Boy with mask paints cups outside
Student holds up bullet journal
Students with masks look through folders
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