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Mentor reads Peppa Pig to little girl

I like going to ASP because I get to play with my friends, I get almost all As, and I get more help.


After School

CAN After School Program Purpose Statements: 

Child Shape from CAN Logo
  • Teach students how to self-regulate their bodies and emotions

  • Assist students with developing their critical thinking skills

  • Give the time and attention for students to report how safe and supported they feel

  • Encourage homework completion and comprehension

  • Help students learn to enjoy reading

  • Provide an environment that supports the building of meaningful relationships

  • Connect community to school

  • Support the development of self-advocacy and tools for self-agency

Mentor helps boy with homework

CAN staff, interns, and volunteers partner with students to help them complete and comprehend their assigned homework each day


Children stretch on yoga mats

There are countless opportunities for students to participate in a huge range of additional activities, such as academic board games, science, math, language art, and other subjects, learn about their bodies & nutrition and more!


Two girls read Elephant & Piggy books

CAN's #1 goal in literacy is to help students develop a love for reading. When young people see themselves & others expressed in story, they are more likely to be self-motivated to keep reading and practice writing to share their own stories. 


Boy eats spaghetti dinner

At every CAN location, students receive diverse, high-quality, nutritious food in our educational programs.


Girls have arms around each other

Interwoven throughout every program is a culture of role modeling mindfulness, resilience, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Students are given the language and tools they need to navigate the social world and better name and manage their emotions.

Social-Emotional Development

Girl shows off her backpack and a stuffed unicorn from back-to-school BBQ

CAN staff partner with families, teacher, and administrators to ensure our shared students have the academic and social-emotional support they need to thrive both within and outside of school. 

School-Family Liaison

Teen poses with hula hoops

This program provides student-centered, transdisciplinary projects during CAN After School Programs in which students develop academic & life skills they will use within and outside of CAN's programs.

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