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Community Assistance and Resources for Empowerment and Support 


CAN cares about meeting children where they are at individually to empower all to thrive. In this program, CAN’s Director of Behavioral Health works with Site Directors to design and implement custom behavioral management techniques and non-clinical mental health interventions as needed to support youth participating in CAN’s educational programs.

Non-clinical interventions include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementing mindfulness and creating calming spaces

  • Supporting students one-on-one

  • Ensuring youth receive the in-school support they need

  • Connecting students & families with external resources

program Purpose statements

  • Support the mental health, well-being, and quality of life for under-resourced youth

  • Increase knowledge about and access to mental health support

  • Reduce mental and behavioral health stigma

  • Empower self-sufficiency in seeking and/or accessing mental health support

  • Improve efficiency and impact of CAN's educational programs

What we do

This work has 5 main components that work together to address the mental health challenges youth and families experience in our partner communities. 

The Director of Behavioral Health is a licensed social worker and works with high needs students K-12 at all five operational sites. Interventions occur as needed, and observations occur regularly. 


Director of Behavioral Health  observes students who participate in CAN’s educational programs and works closely with site directors to determine need for assessments and interventions


An intervention plan is created and implemented in partnership with staff, the student, the student’s caretakers, and other relevant stakeholders like teachers.

staff training & Support

The Director of Behavioral Health will offer expertise and formal training to staff as it relates to identifying a need for intervention


After CAN staff have identified the need for an intervention, an assessment is conducted to determine what level of intervention plan is needed


Resources (verbal and tangible) are provided to site directors to pass on to students and families

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