Bryant Market Volunteer

CAN partners with Food Gatherers to serve fresh, high-quality groceries to community members and the greater Washtenaw County area.

  • Every volunteer must be able to commit to volunteering at least 1 time slot a week for 3 months

  • Every volunteer must be able to complete CAN's online training & attend an in-person training the day they begin*

  • Volunteers will sign up for (or be assigned to) specific jobs during a certain time slot; the in-person training will provide hands-on training for the job to which the volunteer is assigned


  • Availability of a specific job and/or time slot will vary and a requested job or time slot is NOT guaranteed; it is helpful to share with the Bryant Market Director a few different options you are available to help find an opening that is the best fit for you and for CAN

*Because there are specific skills we train our volunteers in attaining in order to operate a high-quality food program, we do not allow one-time volunteers or drop-ins.

Bryant Market Time Slots:


  • Volunteers have four time slot options:

    • Wednesdays: 8:30am-11:00am and/or 11:00am-1:30pm

    • Thursdays: 8:30am-11:00am and/or 11:00am-1:30pm



Bryant Market Volunteer Jobs:


Hospitality Volunteers x2 per time slot

Volunteers will make sure refreshments are provided and replenished throughout the morning. This includes making coffee, making sure supplies like cups, coffee creamer, sugar, stirrers, napkins, etc. are replenished, and setting out cookies or snacks as available. Volunteers will also welcome clients as they come in the door, asking if they need a number, need to sign in, or have any questions, and then direct them to either wait in the reception area, or proceed to get a number/sign in. 


Line Volunteers x4-7 per time slot

Volunteers will assist clients as they move through the line to shop for food. Volunteers simply stand by a section of food to explain and kindly enforce the limits per household. If clients ask for help reaching or picking up items they would like, volunteers may assist, but only if asked. Volunteers on the line should never choose food for the clients. Volunteers will also help set up the line when the truck arrives. This includes transporting the food from the truck inside, arranging it on the table, and bagging items as needed. 


Carts, Shop, & Load Volunteers x2 per time slot

Volunteers will gather carts from outside when they are finished being used, and bring them back in to be used by the next clients. Volunteers will also help clients go through the line who need assistance pushing their cart, and load bags into clients cars who ask for help doing so. 


Send-Off Volunteer x1 per time slot

This volunteer will stand near the back door as clients leave offering kind gestures and thanking them for coming. This volunteer will also remind clients who attempt to come back in after already going through the line that, per the policy, they may not do so. 


Number Caller Volunteer x1 per time slot

This volunteer will hand out numbers to clients from 7:30am until the PAs arrive. This volunteer will make announcements at the beginning of the food distribution that explains any information clients should know for that day. This volunteer will also likely be on the line in the meat section, which includes explaining and kindly enforcing the limits per household. This volunteer will call numbers in order as carts become available for each client and then explain to each client which side of the table to shop from, as well as explain to new clients how to go through the line (if they have not been told already from the PAs).


Bag Setup Volunteer x1 per time slot

This volunteer will make bags (open and double bag) as needed throughout the distribution. This volunteer will also assist the number caller in setting up bags and/or boxes on the carts for each client.


Volunteers signed up for the 11:00am-1:30pm time slot will also help clean and re-organize the center for its next programs/activities.


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